This section of the Flu Wiki is for in-depth opinion pieces that are too large for the Forum. Please date any entries and link to this page.

As an example, create a link by going to the edit function (top right) and add the title of your new page to the list on this page by typing [[your title]] at the appropriate spot. Please identify yourself in the author box above the edit window and add a descriptive summary of your edit in the summary box. Preview your work and make sure you’re happy with the result. Once you save the entry just click the new link to go to the page you’ve created. Write your piece, save (again, you have to enter in the summary box before you can save)… and your opinion piece is here for all to read. Minor edits might be done by the community, but your opinion is your own.

Click the edit function to see how I created My Opinion 7/4/05 as a link. Or, link to someone else’s opinion by entering [[link|descriptive title]] in the edit mode (the | is over the \ on your keyboard). Remember to add a summary before saving.

28 June 2006, by Surfer

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