Flu Virus

"Who should I avoid?"

There is no cure for one of the most contractible illnesses that continues to plague the nation; the flu virus.

Most times the flu virus is linked to an outbreak of this illness known as a pandemic.  This flu virus has, in the past, spread to countries all over the world.  This flu virus is easily spread and even if you have has the flu in the past, you are still at risk of getting the flu again.  The flu virus mutates each year -- and each year you are just as likely as coming down with the flu again.

The flu virus is spread from person to person by coughs and sneezes or any other type of close contact with an infected person.  The flu virus has the ability to live out side of the body for enough time where if a contaminated person touches a surface, and you also touch the surface, you run the risk of catching their germs. 

People living or working in close quarters are also very likely to get the illness because you are constantly with a person that may or may not be positive for theflu virus. 

The incubation period for the infected person is up to two days, so if even if you have dinner with a person two nights prior to you feeling symptoms, it is very likely that you contracted theflu virus from him or her.  The best way to try and avoid getting the flu virus is to avoid contact with people who may have the flu virus .

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