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(Flu Wiki FAQ in progress)

For those who want to dive right in, here’s a link on the personal hygiene issues we need to master (practice now) to help prevent spread. Here is a link to sample letters to local government you can model to begin to raise awareness. For example, this is what King County in Washington State (US) is doing now in having the health department speak to businesses. National pandemic prevention plans can be found sorted geographically here (see Canada for examples of national and provincial planning) while personal pandemic planning is here.

More on FluWiki’s organization

For those unfamiliar with this topic, or just getting started, the amount of material presented (and the site itself) may seem daunting. Try these suggestions for getting started:

If you’re unfamiliar with bird flu, here’s a What Is Bird Flu? FAQ. Also, there’s now an Index where you might find your topic of choice alphabetically listed. Take a quick look at the Site Map to see a brief description of the categories and topics presented. Categories appear under the left sidebar in bold. An example would be Pandemic Preparedness, an excellent place to start.

Topics are subsections of categories. Three of the topics covered in the Pandemic Preparedness category are

Each of the above has further topics or subsections to explore. If you want information on concrete issues such as the effects of a flu pandemic on maintaining utilities or medical services (or wherever you work) try the Community Preparedness page. Or, if you wish to check out how others suggest coping, see the Personal & Family Preparedness page. There, you can find, for example, personal preparedness guides. The Pandemic Scenarios page has a link to an excellent novella written by “CanadaSue” which explains in detail what it might be like to go through a pandemic in a small Canadian town.

Another good place to start is the FAQ section of the Resources page. Scanning the Resources page from top to bottom will show you many other resources, including flu blogs and detailed reports.

The Discussion Forum is a place to chat. See if your Flu Wiki questions have already been addressed. If not, start a Q&A thread with other members of the community. Comments can also be left on individual pages if they are of a general nature for anyone to answer, or you can always email the editors.

Finally, because this is a wiki, you can add information of your own to enhance the site and grow the experience. How To pages can be found in the left sidebar. The Wiki Sandbox is a place to try out your new-found wiki editing skills (it’s a little bit different than HTML, the blog language) without permanently affecting the site.

Enjoy your time here, and help make Flu Wiki a worthwhile experience for yourself and your neighbors. We are all in this together.

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