School Closings Because of the Flu

"Schools Out for Ever?"

As of right now, schools that have experienced high absentee rates are closing a a precautionary measure.  During the summer months, there is not much that can be done in regards to school awareness of the flu. Some school districts have chosen to be more proactive by sending letters home to parents about what would happen if school were to close, as well as pointers on how to keep your child healthy during the first few months of school.

At the end of the school year, many school in Queens, NY closed their schools are a precautionary measure.  They took  the extra few weeks to sanitize the school as best they can.  But it doesn't guarantee that this upcoming school year will be completely flu-free.  Public School officials in Queens are also making flu shots mandatory for students entering school this fall. It is imperative to take as many precautionary measures as possible when it comes to the flu in a school system.

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