"How to Treat the Flu"

Simply, the best thing you can do for yourself if you have the flu, is get plenty of rest, drink lots of liquids, and avoid any extraneous exertion.  When you have the flu, you will probably have a fever. And before you go ahead and do anything that is incredibly daunting on your body make sure your core temperature comes way down.

As your temperature rises, the faster your body will uses its liquid.  So if you partake in any activities that your body uses too much energy for, you may find yourself severely dehydrated.

Sure antibiotics may help certain symptoms of the flu, but there is no one antibiotic that will cure you.  So, instead of hurrying over to the doctor take measures into your own hands -- take care of yourself. And be smart when it comes to coming into contact with other people -- the more you keep your flu to yourself, the faster you will recover and the safer people around you will be.

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