Spanish Flu

"The Spanish Flu"

The World struggled through four years of the bloodiest battle fought since the Civil War -- as it ended many though the killing would be over.  But one silent killer was slowly infecting people.  This silent death would infect people and within hours they would be dead. 

This Spanish flu virus would enter the body, attack the lungs, causing them to hemorrhage, the lungs would fill with liquid and the patient would soon after suffocate on their own fluids.

The Spanish Flu originated in Tibet.  Armies from nations all over the world would move across continents, and following close behind them was this newSpanish Flu.  The most flu-stricken city was France, but it quickly moved into Spain who played a neutral role in the First World War. 

Spain was thus able to document all of the horrible symptoms of people, and hence the term Spanish Flu.  Humans would suffer from high fevers, shiver, muscular pain, tiredness, dizzy spells, loss of strength to the point of needing full time assistance, difficulty in breathing, and then ultimately death. 

This Spanish Flu epidemic quickly spread around the earth-- and by the close of the war nearly 525 million people were infected by the virus, ultimately claiming the lives of over 21 million.  That number nearly doubled the number of people that died from warfare alone. 

The unique thing about the Spanish Flu is that instead of targeting those with weak immune systems, it tended to target the young and the healthy.  Unfortunately the Swine Flu is taking on the same characteristics of theSpanish Flu, if no vaccine is thought of quickly, we may be seeing similar number of causalities from this outbreak. 

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