Fly Rabbis Try to Ward off the Swine Flu

In an effort to one up the typical flu prevention techniques, Rabbis in Israel took to the skies to help ward of the Swine Flu.  This past Monday, the rabbis chanted prayers 30,000 feet in the air from the Kabbalah.  One of the Rabbis commented saying that they were trying to "stop the pandemic so people will stop dying from it.  We are certain that, thanks to the prayers, the danger is already behind us."

The Israelis death count is already tolled in a 5, with 2,000 reported cases still lingering.  Rabbis thought this was particularly necessary because they believe that pigs are unclean and forbidden in their culture. So why should they be plagued by a flu that originated in swine.

Earlier this year the health commissioner of Israel tried to get the name changed from Swine Flu to Mexican flu because that is where is originated.

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