Sick Wild Birds

"Could you be harboring the Bird Flu"

We may not think anything of it, we hang a bird feeder to help the local birds. But maybe we are doing more than just helping the birds, maybe we are helping the birds get sick. The Avian Flu is highly transmissible between birds, and thus the simple act of eating feed out of a feeder can be detrimental to the health of your local birds.

While the threat of Avian Flu is still prevalent, you may want to consider taking in your bird feeder.  And although you may think that the bird are going to go hungry, it is vitally more important that we think of the positive side.  You will be responsible for saving the lives of birds in your areas as well as birds all around the world.  AS birds are the most migratory of creatures, it is important to point out that the Avian flu is one of the most easy to spread viruses and by doing your small part you can ensure their health and safety.

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