"What we learned from SARS"

We probably all remember the outbreak of the SARS disease, it was a sudden outbreak of an unknown disease that caused tremendous social, political and economic disruptions in countries all over the world. 

SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome first broke out in Hong Kong in March 2003. It was first found among health professionals from the Prince of Wales Hospital. Shortly after on March 30 there was a huge outbreak on one of the longest residential blocks in Hong Kong. 

The total number of people infected rounded off to a substantial 8098 cases worldwide, with 774 deaths.  But since June 2003, Hong Kong has been SARS free. One of the main reasons for such a quick defeat of this virus is because of the way it happened.  The response to the outbreak, as well as the countries preparedness, and plan of incubation all lead the country to come away from the disease with a better pandemic response plan.

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