Resilient Societies

"Becoming Resilient After Suffering a Major Pandemic"

Many people are in denial to just how destructible a widespread pandemic can be to a society. As the flu virus mutates into something stronger and more dangerous, the more we have to take precautions in preventing the flu.

More or less resilient societies will be the ones to best overcome an outbreak of a harmful virus.  They will be the ones who are best prepared for a strike of the illness, they will be the ones that are handing out antibodies and vaccines, and they will be the ones that are most concerned about getting better and rebuilding itself.

If you concentrate too much on the negative the flu will bring, the most short sighted you will, and the harder it will be for you to get over this life-threatening illness.  If you approach this virus proactively, then you will have more success in gaining a better society that will be able to rebuild itself and become more immune to the harmful effects of the influenza virus.

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