Vietnam & The Swine Flu

"Vietnam Confirms two More Swine Flu Victims"

The Country of Vietnam regrets to report another death due to the Swine Flu epidemic.  The Vietnamese Ministry of health released information concerning the death of 52 year old Ho Chi Mich City resident on Thursday, August 13.  This will be the country's second Swine Flu related death of the flu. 

The 52 year old Vietnamese woman presented with a high fever, coughing and vomiting -- she later tested positive for the H1N1 virus.  

The Ministry of Health confirmed another 64 supposed cases of the flu, which raises the total number of people in Vietnam infected by the flu to 1,275.  

With the number increasing at a rather quick rate, medical officials are hoping to get enough of the flu vaccine in time for the start of flu season.

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