Pandemics are Like Hurricanes

"Pandemics are Like Hurricanes"

February 7, 2007 started a new system of ranking flu pandemics, very similar to that of hurricanes.  These new guidelines were implemented by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The scale is just as it is for hurricane ranking; Category 1 through Category 5, they outline the ways in which communities can be prepared for such a situation.

Category 1 asks persons to remain at home and remain there until they are no longer contagious which should be anywhere from seven to ten days.  These patients should be treated with antiviral drugs if they are available.

Category 2 asks family members of infected people to remain incubated with their loved one until her of she is no longer contagious.

Category 3 and 4 recommend that students are dismissed from school and care programs for up to three months.  They also recommend to close all public gatherings, changing workplace environments so that they can work from home to avoid contact with infected persons.

Category 5 recommends all of the above guidelines.

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