Outbreak Tracking

"Tracking the Flu"

As a new strain of the influenza virus is found, it becomes imperative to do extensive research and track the path of the air born virus. 

As of right now the Swine flu or the H1N1 flu has expanded it reach to all of the world's continents.  The cases vary, but as or right now there is a pretty equal distribution of how the flu is spread across the countries of the world.  Albeit each of the continents are experiencing differences in diagnoses as well as treatment options, but for the most part, each of the countries are suffering.  There are many confirmed cases as well as cases that have resulted in death. And if a vaccine is not quickly discovered, the numbers from all over the world will only continue to increase and become more devastating. And because this flu is so widespread as of right now, there is a fear that this influenza virus will be one of the most severe pandemics the world has seen in years.

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