The Swine Flu v. The Great Pandemic

There has been a lot of speculation estimating that this Swine Flu pandemic can reaches the number of deaths as the Flu of 1918.  

The Flu of 1918 or the Spanish flu was responsible for claiming the lives of 50 million people from all around the world.  

According to the Centers fro Disease Control, almost all of the flues we have seen since 1918 have on fact been descendants of the great pandemic.  

At the time of the 'Great Pandemic' there were millions of soldiers traveling all over the world.  The main means of transportation in 1918 was by train.  The flu spread at a relatively fast rate considered most were moving by trains. But now think of how we travel; by airplane.  We can be in an entirely different country in a matter of hours; just think of how quickly this Flu Virus will spread.

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