Influenza II Primer

"Experimentation with an Influenza Primer"

And with time, comes greater scientific advances to the point of where there are plenty of new forms of resistance and preventatives to help wade off the threat of another pandemic.

In order for scientists to try and discover new ways to protect people from contracting the influenza virus, they have to go through multiple steps of testing.  There are new experiments being conducted to try and produce a vaccine that is composed of proteins instead of a killed or weakened stain of the virus

Now scientists are attacking the RNA in our DNA.  The control variable was given a strain of a certain virus, while the experiment group was given a primer that was thought to help rid the immune system of infection.  This primer reconstructs a section of RNA from the host cells so they can build their natural immunity to the virus. 

The results yielded somewhat disappointing results, the primer in the experiment group was only effective what the dish was kept as a certain temperature. However the primer that was kept at a consistent temperature showed signs of the RNA molecules resisting to the virus.

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