Flu Prevention with UV-C

"Your Flu Could Use a Little Sun"

UV-C light is the light source just beyond that of what is visible to the naked eye.  Ultraviolet light has three different spectrum; UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. But because of our ozone layer 98.7% of the sunlight that reaches earth is UV-A light with is the safest to a humans skin. 

The shorter wavelength and higher energy UV-C rays are lethal to microorganisms, which means UV-C light is particularly helpful in killing viruses that are associated with the transmission of the bird flu.  It can be used to eliminate any biological contaminant, different viruses require different levels of UV-C light, but most any microorganism can be killed using these ultraviolet rays.

One of the best things about UV-C light is that no matter the strain of a particular virus, they will still be effective in eliminating the virus that transmit from person to person.

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