Dr. Gerberding

"Firing Dr. Gerberding"

Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding is an infectious disease expert and previously held the position of director of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention who recently resigned from her position in January 2009. 

She is most recently credited with the implementation of the CDC's patient safety initiative and other disease prevention programs.  Once she got to her deputy position in the CDC she continued to restructure the CDC enough that many were very unhappy with her decisions.  She allocated an exorbitant amount of money to her efforts, enough so that the United States Senate implored her as to where her money was going. 

Even though she was doing a number of great things to help patients get a greater understanding of disease prevention, she was accused of allocating funds recklessly to executives within the CDC.

The secretary of Health and Human Services requested for her removal. Gerberding quickly effectively resigned from her position before President Obama took office.

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