The H1N1 Virus in New Zealand

"Swine Flu Cases Plateau in New Zealand"

The total number of infected people in New Zealand was released by the Ministry of Health today.  The number has risen to over 3,000 cases on Wednesday, August 12th.

The Ministry of Health believes that the number would be a lot higher if every patient were to get tested.  But that statistic does not account for the number of cases that are present but have yet to be diagnosed.  

New Zealand Health officials feel as though the number has somewhat tapered off based on the number of patients that have been visiting doctors.  

The last reported death due to the Swine Flu was in July, which made the total number of deaths in New Zealand to fourteen.  

The lull in Swine Flu cases puzzled many health care officials, because August is considered to be the peak of their flu season.

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