Coping with the Flu

"Coping with the Flu"

Now that you have the flu, what should you do? There is no cure for the flu, so it is important that you take good care of yourself.  Whether it be by taking multivitamins or coming up with your very own home remedies that will not sure, but rather ease your flu symptoms. 

Some important things to remember: stay home and get plenty of rest.  At the onset of flu symptoms make your round of phone calls telling work or school that you will not be in.  Most times both of these places will encourage you to stay home so as not to spread the flu. 

Drink plenty of liquids, water is the best, but anything you can get your hands on will be more than sufficient. Keep yourself comfortable, if you have a fever, or are in pain take pain killers or a fever reducer. 

If you have a cough, take a cough suppressant. It is important that you get your cough under control so as not to spread germs.  Steam is also a great way for you to clear your sinuses of all the mucus as well as germs that may clog your head, and by clearing the nasal passage you will also experience less severe head pains.

Eat hot foods, spicy and hot! The warmer the liquid or food it, the more soothing it will be to your throat.  And if you spice it up a bit, the spicy factor will help to clear out your nose and improve your breathing.

As much as it is not a palatable flavor, gargling with salt water will help to kill the germs that have a tendency to build up in your mouth.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no cure for the flu, so make sure you make yourself as comfortable as possible.

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