Unconventional Flu Prevention Tips

"Unconventional Flu Prevention Tips"

It has been discovered that certain, maybe not so common flu prevention techniques can prove to be most helpful.  

Heath officials believe that if you avoid masturbation and homosexual activity you can partake in one of the more unconventional preventative measures.  

Dr. V.M. Palaniappan claims that these activities cause the body to develop friction heat -- this heat makes your body produce more acid, this your body is more hyperacidised.  

If there is a high content of acid in your system, it will be harder for your immune system to fight off foreign germs.  

Dr. Palaniappan went on to say that heterosexual sex was completely safe because it does not produce as much friction.  

But to keep your lifestyle as normal as possible, Dr. Palaniappan recommends drinking coconut water (high in alkaline) to help counter balance the effects of the increased amount of acid. 

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