What You Should Be Doing

To stay as healthy as possible this flu season, FluWikie also helps you stay as germ-free as possible.  We have everything from the basics to the very extreme measures the CDC and the World Health Organization all recommend you take. 

There is nothing to say that you can do to be 100% safe from the flu, but FluWikie provides you with all kinds of information on how you can prevent getting the flu. It will tell you about the new strains of the flu and ways in which governments all over the world are helping to create a working vaccination. 

Did you  know that there is a new type of vaccine? FluWikie gives you a plethora of information regarding one of the newest methods of vaccination -- FluMist.  If you are afraid of getting the flu shot, then maybe FluMist is a better option for you.  A simple nasal spray can be just as effective in preventing the onset of the flu. 

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