Flu Awareness Week

"A Week Long Session on How to be Prepared"

It is important that the general public is well aware of the risks of the threatening Swine Flu pandemic.  It would be very much so beneficial if there was a week dedicated to educating people on the symptoms of Swine Flu. 

The more people are educated and aware of the Swine Flu, the better chance we have of preventing the flu from spreading.

If we took one week at the start of flu season we would be able to do an advertisement blitz showing people what they can do to prevent the swine flu or any other flu that is threatening the nation. 

And with the invention of the television and other means of mass media there is so much we can do now to head off the global pandemic that threatens the globe every year.  And the best thing we can do is to not have anyone panic, but rather inform anyone and everyone of what they can do to prepare for the flu season.

Another idea that was brought to the attention of many people was to create a day of giving free flu vaccines, just to ensure that people were properly prepared for the flu. 

The purpose of a Flu Awareness Week would be to educate the general public on ways we can prepare as well as ways they can prevent the spread of the flu vaccine.  This week long event should reach not only the work force, but it should also target school systems as well. The more you educate, the more you can prevent the wide-spread virus from targeting millions of people.

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