Things not to do if you have the flu

"The Don'ts of Flu Season"

It is important to know what to do, but it is even more important to know what NOT to do in the event you do come down with the flu.

Most important of things you should know, is that you should not expect the seasonal flu vaccination to prevent the onset of the flu vaccination.  Every year there is a different strain of the flu, and as of right now, there is no vaccine for this year's Swine Flu.  So by all meansdon't think you are invincible to the flu if you have gotten the flu shot. There is a good chance that you will still get the specific strain of the flu. 

Next don't count on a face mask to prevent you from getting the swine flu.  The CDC is even unclear about how effective a medical mask would be in the even of a viral outbreak.

Don't come into contact with others, it is important that you keep the Swine Flu as dormant in you as possible. Have a plan, school's may have to close in an emergency to prevent further spreading of the virus. Same goes for work, do not neglect the fact that business may also need some time off to recover from the threatening illness. Be sure you are very well aware of steps taken if you business is forced to close. 

Don't forget to clean up. If you have more than one child who share the same toys, make sure you do your best to sanitize all of their play toys so you can reduce transmitting sicknesses to your other children. And although you have heard it before, practice good hygiene. It is imperative that you take preventative action so as not to contaminate others around you. 

Don't Panic! Yes, the swine flu is a pandemic, but as of right now it is a moderate form of the pandemic and as long as it stays as such there is no reason as to why you should feel the need to panic.

Don't leave home if you have the Swine Flu, you should try and keep your contact with others and minimal as possible. 

Don't rush to the hospital right away.  Yes of course if your symptoms have run away and gotten the better of you, by all means make that trip.  But the hospital is a breeding ground of germs, try to avoid it if you can.

Don't forget to teach your children good flu prevention. Children are in constant contact with other children, and they share, because that is what they are taught to do, but make sure they know to wash their hands and stay healthy. 

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