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The first case of a person infected with H5N1 in Cambodia occured in January of 2005. A 25 year old woman from Kampot province developed symptoms of the disease in Cambodia, but died in a Vietnamese hospital where she had traveled to receive care. The second case occurred in March 2005. An 8 year old girl from Kampot province became ill on March 29th and died in April. A 20 year old woman from Kampot province died of H5N1 infection in April 2005. A 25 year old man from Kampot province died of an H5N1 infection in March 2005. Thus far, all cases in Cambodia have occured in Kampot province, adjacent to southern Vietnam, and all have been fatal.

H5N1 fatality table by Age

H5N1 fatality table by Date of Death

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Sources of Information

  • National Institute of Public Health

  • ASEAN Disease Surveillance
    The South East Asian Nations’ Infectious Diseases Outbreak Surveillance Network (english)

  • OIE daily updates on highly pathogenic avian influenza in animals in Asia

  • WHO Disease Outbreak updates - Avian Influenza
    • 4 May 2005 12 Apr 2005 29 Mar 2005 2 Feb 2005

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Scientific Publications

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News from Cambodia

  • Cambodia Suffering Deadly Flu Outbreak
    Newsday, July 5, 2005
  • Hunting Bird Flu on the Cheap in Cambodia
    Washington Post, March 23, 2005
  • Second bird flu case in Cambodia
    BBC News, March 24, 2005
  • Bird flu kills Cambodian woman
    BBC News, February, 2005

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