Business Continuity

From Buck Consultants, LLC and Connie Harden, three .pdf

  • Preparing for Pandemic: Total Rewards
  • Avian Flu Newsletter
  • Preparing for Pandemic Illness
  • Pandemic Planning portal from Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to help employers, employees and communities prepare
  • generic Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan for small business planning
  • Bird Flu Manual Free reference and resource mine designed to help businesses prepare for a pandemic outbreak of Bird Flu.
  • Business Planning for Pandemic Influenza: Summit Feb 14-15 2006
  • Business Planning for Pandemic Influenza: Summit Feb 5-6 2007
    • CIDRAP business page
  • Canadian Manufacturers And Exporters
    • Continuity Planning Guide for Canadian Business .pdf
  • OHDEN’s (Occupational Health Disaster Expert Network) compendium of hundreds of resources for Occupational Health aspects of Pandemic or Avian Flu. Subsets of collected links are Federal, International, Local and Reference Materials. Selected workplace pandemic plans are available for download in the local section.
OHDEN itself is still in development, and is managed through a group creating an electronic network for Occupational Physicians, Occupational Health Nurses, Hygienists and Safety Professionals in preparing for and responding to terror- or naturally-related disasters.
  • Preparing employers for an avian flu pandemic from Mercer Consulting
  • A well tested method for doing Business Continuity Assurance Planning (BCAP) from New & Improved
Every Business is different, and will need to conduct its own planning process once it decides that H5N1 is a worthy threat to insure against. The method described can, and has been, used for any BCAP, not just Pandemic.
  • Corporate Leadership Council
Managing Avian Flu Outbreaks: HR’s role
  • London Prepared
    (a UK government website)
    • For businesses with less than 10 staff
    • For businesses with between 10 and 50 staff
    • For businesses with between 50 and 250 staff
    • For businesses with in excess of 250 staff
  • Continuity Forum
    (Independent, Impartial, non-commercial support and advice on all aspects of Pandemic Planning )
  • Microbix Pandemic Response Plan
    A company’s pandemic plan, updated Jan 2006
  • Fluready - Australia
    A new Australian website on business continuity management for Avian Influenza. Includes a 58 page white paper with information resources for protecting staff, a spreadsheet to assist organisations in their planning and a regular weblog with updates and webforum to share information on planning for avian influenza.
  • Leslie Whittet on business continuity during an avian flu pandemic
  • W3J - Avian Influenza and Business Continuity Planning
  • The Business Guide to Pandemic Bird Flu Preparedness
  • US Government Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
  • Crisis management plan for pandemic flu
    Reserve Bank of New Zealand. November 2005 (pdf)
    News story about the Reserve Bank’s plan
  • Don’t Fear “Fear” Or Panic “Panic”: An Economist’s View of Pandemic Flu - BMO Nesbitt Burns, October 2005
  • It’s Not Flu As Usual - Trust for America’s Health, June 2005
A short brochure for businesses to plan for “continuity” during a pandemic outbreak. A decent guide to general issues that business-people should be thinking about.
  • Shell NZ Workplace Pandemic Plan (pdf)
  • Government of New Zealand - Business Continuity Planning Guide
    Has excellent timelines describing the planned government response and suggested business actions during an outbreak. Contemplates workplace absentee rates up to 50% for two weeks at the peak of a pandemic wave.
  • NZ Dept of Labor Q&A
  • King County, WA - Business Multi-media
    Powerpoint and video presentations from an October 3 meeting for businesses sponsored by King County Public Health (State of Washington, USA).
  • FEMA Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry
    A Step-by-Step Approach to Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery for Companies of All Sizes. 67 pages, pdf
  • ASIS Business Continuity Guidelines
    A Practical Approach for Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management, and Disaster Recovery. 48 pages, pdf
  • Avian Flu Continuity Kit
    A toolkit designed to assist business with avian flu continuity planning
  • Preparing for Pandemic Influenza: Business Continuity Planning
    A whitepaper on Business Continuity Planning for Pandemic Influenza by Future Health Solutions
  • Business Continuity - A Primer
    Paul Martin 22 November 2004
  • Pandemic Preparedness Survey
    Online interactive quiz for businesses to assess how urgent a variety of business continuity plans are for their company and how well their company is responding. A sales tool for consulting services by Kroll and Marsh, but a worth-while consciousness-raising exercise for businesses
  • Planning for Pandemic
    Interview with former NYC Health Dept. CIO on corporate pandemic planning
  • blog thread on business continuity, emphasizing strategies with economic benefits
  • Pandemic planning — ultimate collaboration
    the only way businesses can prepare is through unprecedented internal and external collaboration, but the benefits of this focus on collaboration technologies and attitudes will endure long afterward.
  • Wholesale and Retail Food Company Brainstorms for a Pandemic
    One of the key recommendations of this task force is the necessity to share this work with the industry. A good webcast relating to this document is available from AMR research called “Supply Chain Risk Management and the Avian Flu: Is Your Supply Chain Ready?” from Thursday, February 23, 2006.
  • Email from Cessna Aviation/Bell Helicopters to suppliers asking them to certifiy their pandemic flu preparedness
    Posted on a Microsoft Developers Network community forum. (Many forum commentators thought the email was a hoax or phishing expedition!)
  • Example Pandemic Preparedness Plan For A Small Non-Profit
    2 July 2006, by Okieman
  • Disaster Recovery Journal - Summer 2006 - Avian Flu Special Report
    Login with username/password = drj/world (this is a free publication). Articles include Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic, Planning for the Bird Flu, Business Continuity and the Avian Flu, Is it Hype or Real?, Planning for Human Continuity, Small Business Case.
  • Business Continuity During an Influenza Pandemic Sun Microsystems Feb 2006 17 pages
  • Business Continuity Forum
  • Association of Contingency Planners
    ACP provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and information through a network of local chapters. Volunteer organizations, government agencies and businesses of all sizes can benefit from these networking opportunities. Valuable insight and partnerships can be gained that identify common planning needs and recovery solutions, and enhance skills that prepare families, communities, and industry.
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