Coping with a Pandemic

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  • Home Alone
    This is a commentary on what I wish I had done when I had ordinary human influenza, complicated by pneumonia. It includes logistical advice rather than medical advice on what to do if you’re stuck at home when you should probably be in a hospital.

  • Bag of tricks
    This is a list of things people have tried or imagined they would do to deal with disruption at home. It includes things we may want to do when we’re healthy but things don’t work well around us. Things like keeping warm, refrigerating or cooking food, etc.

  • Self Organising
    This includes all the ways to cooperate around predictable and unpredictable (and big and small and you-name-it) situations. We have started already with this wiki but there’s more.

  • Workplace Continuity and the related problem of “what to do if schools close”
    At some point in time, there may be need to close down schools. For many weeks or some months. Which in turn is a problem for parents of all kinds: grandparents may or may not be available to take care of kids, in many families there’s just one parent (the other is away for whatever reason), or both members of the parental couple must work away from home. This problem could also be re-framed as “Keep children in smaller groups” or as “Schools close, then what”.

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