• The Brainstorming Hub
    Links to all manner of structured or unstructured, free-form or formal problem-solving, and cross-pollination of answers and questions

  • Case Studies
    An ongoing experiment trying to solve issues in small case scenarios

  • Learning from the past
    How did the world deal with earlier pandemics? What went right and what went wrong? How can we learn from past experience?

  • Resilience Technology
    What tools do we have if we are to be more resilient in our communities? We can’t solve it all here but we can link to what others are doing. Here’s a collection of the best links we’ve found. We can reach out to those groups and tell them about pandemic flu, too!

  • Leaflets
    We want to link to practical information we can spread about how to deal with pandemic flu. We can also create our own leaflets, simplifying the information we think our neighbors might need.

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