Re-Emergence of the Swine Flu

Many people may not know, but this is actually the second time the swine flu has devastated nations.  Its deadly wrath has already swept the nation once, but its threatening to do just as much damage.


A very similar strain of the influenza virus appeared in the mid 1070s, it threatened nations all over the globe then, and it has the potential to do so now.  Like with any virus, it has had the ability to become more virulent over these thirty years; and it did.  


This flu combine more than one strain of the common influenza virus.  Scientists say that this virus is a combination of the seasonal flu, as well as the avian flu; which threatened the world a little under a decade ago.


Experts say that any pandemic is hard to predict; but this one is particularly difficult because there is no known swine flu virus vaccine as of yet.